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What type of Corporate video is right for you?

Choosing the right video for the right occasion allows you to get your message across to the right audience in the right environment at the right time - and at the right cost.
But individual clients have individual needs and, from a production point of view, not all videos are created equally.
Each and every video requires that something special for it to be unique, memorable and tailored to the individual client requirements.
This does however mean that the costs of each production will differ and quotes can only be finalised once the detailed production requirements are known and accounted for. However we realize that while it may not be possible to create a detailed quote when initially investigating the possibility of creating a video - indicative costs are still needed for budgeting purposes - to assist with this we have created a rough guide that will provide you some ball park costs for budgetary purposes.
Corporate Videos come in all shapes and sizes - there is the 30-40 second high impact advert type video; the 1-2 minute 'about us' or 'how to' web video that provides a quick overview about your company or your products; the 3-4 minute motivational/ informational video often used as a platform for the CEO to send a message to all employees; the 6-10 minute infomercial or event video that provides a detailed overview of your company or of a specific event; then there is the 15-20 minute instructional or training video and, lastly, the longer form educational / training video that can run from 30 minutes to 3 hours - these are typically broken down into episodes or chapters on a DVD and are usually created for training and educational purposes.
Over the next few days we will take you through a number of options that will allow you to choose a corporate video that is right for you.


Effective Video completes the SSI Schafer and UTI Pharma video for the UTI Pharma Distribution centre in Johannesburg

Working with SSI Schafer out of Austria and UTI out of California the final video showcases the engineering marvel that is the UTI Pharma Distribution Centre


Effective Video completes AGCO JHB Parts warehouse launch videos, starts work on the Discovery IT Recruitment Video

Effective Video successfully completes the launch videos for the AGCO Parts warehouse, while this was being wrapped up, we started working on the Discovery IT recruitment video - this is intended to showcase the benefits of working at Discovery


Effective Video wins AGCO Video contract to launch new distribution centre

Effective Video has been awarded the job to produce a series of launch videos for the new AGCO distribution centre. Working with Chocolate Orange - Effective Video will create a set of informational videos on the construction and operations of the distribution centre.


Effective Video creates a series of web videos for LightSculpt Aesthetic clinic

Effective Video completes the production of a set of short web videos for LightSculpt Aesthetic Clinic.


Effective Video completes a series of international training videos for Discovery Vitality

Effective Video successfully completed a series of induction and educational videos for Vitality International. These Videos, consisting of presentations and incorporating animated slides, will be shown to Vitality clients worldwide.


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