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Once you have the basic sequence sorted - it's time to make your video pop!
To do this we add;

The effective and correct use of motion graphics and special FX is what separates the ordinary from the superb.

The tools we use include industry standards such as Adobe Photoshop & AfterEffects, NewBlue TotalFX & Boris Continuum Complete - all are powerful & capable and assist with the creation of professional looking integrated graphics.

Elements that make your video pop!

It's not just text

Titles and Credits

Netflix may have started the trend of 'skipping the intro" and in truth you don't want an intro that is long and drawn out but...
You do want your audience to know what they are watching and who you are.
A short impactful intro to establish your brand and identity is a powerful way to get people to remember you.
And then lastly you cannot just end your video abruptly without saying goodbye - and that is how the outro was born.
Text can also be a powerful way to reinforce your message during the video - so all in all titles and text are useful features in your production.

Special FX

Keys and More

To get those special effects and impossible scenes - it is often necessary to shoot your footage in front of a green screen or even to have an actor in a green suit.
Post Production is where the green magically disappears and nobody is the wiser.
For best resaults aim to get a 'clean green' shot but regardless, if you need something or someone keyed out - we can do it.
But that is not all - where needed we can add transitions and a whole host of other effects (including but not limited to - blurs, warps, old film and even explosions).

Add some wow!

Motion Graphics

Overlaying motion graphics onto your video can really bring home the message - this can be an animated training assistant, graphs, animated logo's - the possibilities are endless . You don't want to overpower your video with addtional bells and whistles - but used propely they can really make an impact.

FX & Motion Graphics will set you apart from the competition!