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"I'm sure they will fix it in post!!!"

Directors say this all the time - because this is truly where the magic happens.
Post production is what we are all about.

This is where we take the footage from the production shoot and;

The post-production process includes motion graphics (titles, effects (FX) and graphics),sound and music and colour correction etc. - but these are covered in other sections of our website.
For now we will focus on the capturing and editing process.

Your video deserves nothing but the best and to ensure that it gets nothing but the best - we edit on industry standard tools.
Our go to editor is the grand lady of the post-production world - Avid Media Composer. We have also completed projects in Adobe Premiere Pro.
Both are rock solid, stable editors so really it's all the same to us.
So while it matters what you use - what really matters is how you use it!

How we edit your blockbuster


Receive & ingest footage

For remote jobs we can download your video from any file sharing site you are able to store it on. Send us the link and we will get it.
Once we have it - we back it up and then ingest it and sort and catalog it into folders according to scenes.
The idea is to ensure we have everything nice and ordered before we start editing.
If you have multi-camera shoots we sync & lock these so that they are also ready for use.


Create the master sequence

With the storyboard at hand and a clear understanding of the final cut - the editing process begins.
Essentially we take the best cuts and insert them into the timeline to create a compelling, engaging and riveting video.
There is a skill and objective here: scenes need to be tight & focussed and the video needs to make sense and flow.


Show and tell

There is nothing worse than expecting one thing and getting something you don't particularly like. This causes unhappines.
So we keep you in the loop and we encourage your input and comment. Once the rough cut is ready we share this with you and ask you for feedback. This also gives you a good idea as to how the final production will look.
Keep in mind that it will be rough and ready but you will have a general idea and you can let us know if you want to change something.

Post Production - This is our speciality!