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All good videos start with a clear vision and good planning

Lets start with asking?

Understanding and planning your final product takes away a lot of the guess work, the re-work and the unnecessary work.
It is the foundation for a great result.
Having a clear idea of the mood, the lighting, the script, the music and the message that you are looking for ensures that you will create a video that connects with your audience.
Oh- saves you time, money and frustration.

working process

step 1

Planning and scheduling

We will help you understand what you need to create a compelling video.
We can do the productiuon scheduling and booking as well.

step 2


We will help you create a great storyline and script.

step 3

Creative Identity

We will help you to define the mood, look and emotion of your video.

During this phase of the project we also start to look for, and source or design, the assets that will be needed for your blockbuster.

These are assets that fit to the creative identity and style and - not to worry - the licenses for these are usually included in the single quoted price (although voice over artists are often priced separately.

Fail to plan - Plan to fail