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This where we shoot the actors - well we dont really shoot them - rather, we film the actors.
A production shoot can be a busy place so it's not only actors you find on set- you also get;

And lots more - but in truth we are not really sure what they all do!

Due to the fact that a production shoot requires everyone to be on set - (there is no ability to work from home or join via a zoom call) our shoots are largely restricted to Johannesburg South Africa.
Unless of course you want us to film in the Bahamas on a mega-yacht - then we may consider a change of location.
But even if we are not able to accommodate your production requirements - it is important to remember that the main idea here is primarily to get good clean footage.
Good video footage is the backbone of your video. Without good, clean & clear video (and audio) - it is very difficult to produce your blockbuster

Production Tips


Shoot in good light

Make sure the lighting is good. Sometimes it has to be dark for dramatic effect (Batman anyone?)
But generally you want your video to be shot under good lighting conditions and your audience want to see you and what's going on.
Lastly - don't forget the sound - make sure your audio is...wait for
Remember sound is a large part of video!
Use an external mic if you are shooting in noisy places.


Shoot in high-res

Okay - it does not have to be 8k or even 4k - HD is still good - but don't compromise quality to save disk space.
Even if you are shooting on your phone - use the highest bitrate and quality you can.
You won't regret it.
When in doubt use the professional and ultra-quality settings.(br>Don't use filters or special effects available on your camera or phone - shoot clean - we can add filters and effects in post-production.


Keep it exciting

Make sure that your movie - well - moves along
This is where the storyboard and script come in handy
Keep the action flowing - don't let it drag - and remember, thanks to social media, the average watcher has an attention span of about 11 seconds.

Production is a critical part of your project - what you shoot here is what you get on your finished video.

If you are not happy with the take - retake it - it is better to have too many shots than too few.
Keep an eye on your camera angles, your lighting and your sound - and always take backups of your daily shoots!

You cannot always fix it in Post!