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Sound & Audio

Audio is a critical part of your video - some say the most important part.
Viewers get very distracted if you have bad audio, especially if they cannot hear what you are saying or if the sound is too loud or distorted.

Here are some audio issues that you need to be aware of;

To avoid these problems - which will ruin the best video, careful attention must be given to audio recording when you shoot your video.
If possible you should have someone focused on ensuring that your sound is being cleanly recorded with no interference or interruptions.
At the very least make sure that the microphone is close to the action and that your recording levels are good.
You don't want them peaking and you definitely don't want them too low.
Lastly, the use of (licsensed) music and sound FX can greatly contribute to the overall quality of your video.

Audio Elements

Speak up!

Speech and voice overs

Audio is often the primary mechanism for ensuring that the audience understands what is going on.
So it will not be uncommon for your video to have either the cast speaking or a voice-over describing the activity on the video.
Either way the audio needs to be clear and understandable and must match to the visuals - while it is possible to ad-lib (and some people are very good at it) - you may want to consider a script that is clear and well thought out.

Let there be sound


A signature tune can be a great way to build brand recognition - here we look for something quick & catchy.
In addtion to this;
music sets the emotion and the tone of the scene - nobody gets scared when they see you climbing out of a parked car - but add some suspenseful music and suddenly the whole tone of the video changes!
Used properly, music can bring your video to life.
Remember that you are not usually allowed to add any song to your video without clearing copyright (not easy and not cheap) - we assist you by sourcing and licensing royalty-free music for your production.

Whoosh, Bang, Crunch

Sound FX

Sound FX enrich your video immensely - they can be used to great effect to emphasise the action and to bring life to otherwise mundane activities.
Another great use for sound FX is to enhance visual transitions.
Sound FX should be subtle and barely noticeable but, like a good bassline, once you have it you won't be able to do without it.

Music is a universal language