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Welcome . . .
to the home of Effective Video.

Video is the most effective communication medium available today...

A professionally made video will deliver the right message - On TV or DVD, on your Website or on Youtube, on mobile or through any media channel you care to think of

And thankfully you no longer need the budget of a small country in order to get your message out on video.

Operating out of Johannesburg (SA), we specialise in creating professional video productions for our clients

know more... view our work... send us a mail...


what we do . . .

we do professional video - simple as that!

But if we really have to break it down then we do...

All types of corporate video productions including:

  Communications, launches, events & promotions

  Company DVD's and business videos

  Marketing and promotional videos

  Educational and training videos

  Web videos for your website or your Youtube channel

  Videos for Ipads, tablets and mobile devices

  and TV adverts

And...just to be clear, we do it all, including:

  Production planning and envisioning

  Script writing, copy writing and storyboarding

  Talent sourcing and voice overs

  Professional video shoots

  Post production - Including:

        Editing, Titling, Graphics, FX and Audio Dubbing

  DVD design and authoring

  Encoding for DVD / web / Ipad / mobile distribution

No matter what your requirements are, we will be able to provide you with a professional, broadcast quality video that will simply blow you away.

So then...What do you do?

Well - You can simply contact us to find out more..

Send us a Mail


Call Neil on 082 440 2477

But to answer the question in more detail...

You know your business (well at least we hope you do) and you know what you want your video to achieve . . .

So you become the video producer (think George Lucas here) - and we do the heavy lifting

Yes ... You have the vision and we do the rest...

Planning, shooting, video editing, post production, DVD authoring, encoding and everything else

Why not put us to the test and   call us

easy peasy

you tell us what you want doing

we do it

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